Leading Projects to Get Promoted

Building Kachi has given me a chance to look back at my career and see what has helped me advance. As an engineer, technical ability was obviously a factor. But what really led to bigger roles was a track record of finishing work on time while satisfying requirements. In other words, successfully completing projects. Successful projects are the best way to differentiate yourself from your peers and advance your career.

Projects do this in 3 ways. First, they demonstrate your proficiency in your field. Second, they show you can translate that proficiency into useful output for your organization. And third, they showcase your leadership ability.

There are a limited number of management and leadership positions. In the knowledge economy, performing well at your current level is not enough to warrant advancement. You need to demonstrate not only competence in your field but also leadership qualities. Successfully leading projects is the key method for demonstrating that next level ability. This is because when under consideration for a promotion, day to day performance is not enough. You will be promoted because management believes you will perform well at the next level. Most people just keep performing their current role while expecting the promotion to come eventually. This may work for low level roles, where the next level is fairly similar to the previous level. However, it will not work for getting into management or other leadership positions.

Therefore, it is key for anyone that wants to get ahead to find opportunities to lead and deliver projects. The nature of projects will depend on one’s current role and industry, but can take the form of software features, new process implementation, creating new sales strategies, among many other possibilities. Managers are always looking for their reports to step up and take more responsibility. Seeking out those opportunities and executing them well are the keys to success.

Kachi is built to improve project results and save time through automation. Complete projects and get ahead in your career. Kachi guides you through the entire project lifecycle, even if you haven’t managed projects before. Sign up for our mailing list to join our closed beta and receive other announcements!

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